There’s big change coming to Baltimore City – one of the largest urban renewal projects in America is underway on our waterfront. This transformational redevelopment of Port Covington will have a fundamental and far-reaching positive impact on Baltimore, its economy, and its future. We will build it. Together. 

Read about what Port Covington will mean for Baltimore in the Baltimore Sun

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  • A Vision of the Future

    An aerial view of the planned future of Port Covington.

  • Economic Opportunities

    Thousands of new jobs in Baltimore.

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  • New Engine for Economic Growth

    Home to one of the fastest growing, most dynamic companies in the world.

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  • More Green Spaces

    More green space, parks, and safe places for kids to play.

  • More Waterfront Access

    Over three miles of a vibrant waterfront.

  • Recreational Areas

    A hub for shops, restaurants, and more.

  • Stronger Local Businesses

    Local businesses will have a new home in Port Covington.

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One person may start something, but it’s going to be a body of people who join together as a group to take it forward.

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