Lifelong Baltimorean Alicia Wilson Shares Why She Joined the Port Covington Team

After growing up in East Baltimore, Alicia Wilson knew she wanted to spend her career making a difference in her hometown. That’s why she was so excited to join Sagamore Development as a legal advisor and the Vice President of Community Affairs. Alicia believes in the transformative power of Port Covington—a redevelopment that will help Baltimoreans fulfill their potential by bringing more opportunity to the city.

That work is well underway already: young entrepreneurs from across the City are working in Sagamore’s City Garage, turning it into a hub for job creation and bringing local manufacturing home. People like Aaron and Jason, two young men from Park Heights whose Treason Toting Company is one of 11 companies being incubated in City Garage.

There are three crucial requirements for a business to join City Garage: It has to make a product, create jobs, and create those jobs right here in Baltimore.

“This kind of innovative spirit is what we want to foster in Baltimore,” said Alicia. “I visit kids everywhere from Cherry Hill to Mount Winans who have ideas in their head and need the opportunity to create what they believe is possible.”

Alicia knows the massive impact Sagamore’s funding will make in the SB6 Agreement communities like Cherry Hill and Mount Winans. But turning those ideas into reality is about more than just money—it’s about the partnership that gives local community members a seat at the table with partners like Sagamore. The SB6 agreement gives communities a way to make an even bigger impact.

That’s why, through the revitalization of Port Covington, we’re looking to help and assist in any way we can. That’s why Alicia, a lifelong Baltimorean, is excited about the fact that her phone never stops ringing with calls from community members. “I receive about 100 calls a day,” Alicia said. “Coming from this city, being a youth in this city, it is an honor to now be in this position where I feel like I can really help move progress.”

Port Covington is bringing Baltimoreans from across the city together to work for the future of their hometown. For Alicia, “That’s the greatest power of this project and the greatest power of the people that are involved in this project. The ability to convene, and the ability to advocate.”

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