City Garage Spotlight: Hungry Harvest

Evan Lutz believes that no food should go to waste, and no person should go hungry. That’s why he founded Hungry Harvest, a produce delivery service that buys and sells recovered produce from farms and wholesalers. It’s perfectly fresh, healthy produce that might go to waste for cosmetic reasons.

They buy their produce at a discounted price and package it up in variety boxes that they deliver (for free) to their customers. For each box they sell, they donate 1-2 pounds of fresh produce through their donation partners, farmer’s markets, or directly to needy families in food deserts throughout the area. Evan says “I’ve grown up here in Baltimore and it’s really important to me to make an impact in the City where I’ve lived my whole life.

Evan and the team moved into City Garage just about three weeks ago. Baltimore-native Thomas Starr, Hungry Harvest’s HR and Events Manager, says they love the new space. “We’re really excited to be around all these other growing companies. I think it’s good networking and it’s good to get our name out there. Our first office was a little bit more isolated and secluded. So, it kind of feels like we’re more in the thick of things, in the Baltimore scene. With the redevelopment, it’s definitely a good place to be for a start-up.”

Hungry Harvest 3

Evan added “It’s so great to be one of the first companies down here. Port Covington hasn’t really been developed, and it’s going to bring a lot of jobs and economic development. I think it will help make Baltimore even more of a destination.”

So far, Hungry Harvest is available in several different Metro areas. They deliver here in Baltimore, in DC, Arlington, Northern Virginia, and they just expanded into Philadelphia. But the Baltimore area remains their biggest hub of deliveries. And they’re committed to giving back to the City. “We have several donation partners. Maryland Food Bank, Manna Food Center, different nonprofits and charitable organizations and we donate to them and they donate into the community.”
City Garage is proud to welcome a company so committed to giving back to community as one of the first to open its doors in Port Covington.

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