Larry’s Lived in Baltimore All His Life

“My wife makes fun of me because she thinks I love Baltimore too much!” Larry Kamanitz has lived in Baltimore all his life, and he’s proud of it. In fact, one year his wife even surprised him by renting a tour bus to drive all over the city for his birthday. The bus arrived at the end of his party, and Larry took all of his friends on a tour of his hometown – self-guided, of course. He also always makes sure to treat friends who are visiting from out of town to the real deal for dinner, Baltimore crabs.


“I grew up on South Charles Street, before it was even called Federal Hill. And I’ve been involved in politics all of my life.”

He’s almost 80 now, but Larry has been an active member of the community since his childhood. He was the Chairman of the Maryland Association of CPAs, and he’s been involved in Strong City Baltimore. Through it all, his upbringing on Charles Street has never been far from his mind. He’s on the Board of the Charles Street Development Corporation, and he is part of Central Scholarship – working to raise millions of dollars of scholarship funding for students in Maryland.


We asked Larry why he’s excited about the transformation of Port Covington. “It is the most dynamic program I have seen in my life, including the Harbor. It will be transformative for Baltimore. It is good to see local industry take the lead – it hasn’t happened in a while.”


And even though Larry noted “that I probably will not be around to see its completion [in 2036], as I turn 80 in June,” he drove around Port Covington recently and said it is a really beautiful piece of land. With new additions like City Garage, the area has already improved, and that’s definitely just the beginning. “I’d love to see its redevelopment help the city!”

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