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Residential Architect

Weller Development is seeking an architectural firm to provide design services for an approximately 250-unit residential building with ground floor retail (the “Project”). The Project will be one of the first vertical developments in Chapter 1B. The Project will have a high level of design, and an urban, industrial feel rooted in the historical context of Port Covington and Baltimore. The Project will be designed with the context of the master plan in mind and reflect design objectives in coordination with existing, concurrent, and future development. Download the RFQ - Residential Architect
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E-7 Development Block – General Contractor

As part of Port Covington’s planned mixed use development, the proposed project will be divided into Chapters. Chapter 1A consists of the work that has already been completed and currently exists in Port Covington (City Garage, Rye Street Tavern, etc.). Chapter 1B consists of the next set of buildings and infrastructure in Port Covington. E-7, the subject of this Request For Qualifications (this “RFQ”), will be one of the first vertical developments in Chapter 1B. The design for the E-7 block consists of five buildings in one block, with a total program of approximately 13,000 GSF of market space, 42,000 GSF of retail space, and 180,000 GSF of office space. The project will have a high level of design, with a complicated skin package, and an urban feel. The project is intended to be a retail and office destination attracting people from all over to Port Covington. Download the RFQ - E-7 Development Block
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Awarded RFQs

The Port Covington Development Team is committed to providing opportunities for contractors to participate in the proposed Port Covington development. Opportunities are publicly posted on this website, the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development (“MOED”) and the Minority and Women’s Business Opportunity Office (“MWBOO”). Awardees will be required to comply with all requirements of Port Covington’s MOU with Baltimore City, including, but not limited to: Local Hiring, Minority and Women’s participation, and Supplier Diversity.

Port Covington is proud to announce the following Contractor awards:

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