Why Aaron and Jason Chose City Garage

Aaron and Jason are two guys from Baltimore. They’ve lived here all of their lives. They met through a friend at the Blarney Stone in Fells Point. A tailor and a business major, their shared unique eye for style formed the basis of their friendship. Six years later, that friendship has evolved into The Treason Toting Company, based in City Garage.

Getting their company started wasn’t easy. They had their idea and invested in a lot of product. From New York to Vegas and back again, the guys headed to trade shows with the hope that with their charisma and a bit of luck, things would get moving.


And while their time away allowed them to meet similar entrepreneurs and get inspired again – traveling all over the country is tough. Finding the right opportunity, in the right place is tough. Treason met with plenty of potential collaborators, but they could not find the right partners, “They had no idea who we were, where we were going, they didn’t care about it,” said Jason, “it was just money.” Physically and emotionally drained, they were in a funk. Working out of a small pop-up shop over the holidays, they knew this could be the last push.

But they weren’t going to quit. Aaron and Jason worked hard and persevered through the uncertainty and the disappointment. And that’s when they made their first visit to City Garage, sharing their vision for Treason.

With Sagamore Ventures and Port Covington, they had found a project that fit. Not simply another investor, but a partner that wanted to provide valuable input on every aspect of the business. People who cared about what Treason Toting Company was, and where it was going.

The guys want to make the coolest bags in America, and to do it in Baltimore. Employing a team of local workers, they prototype, cut, and sew every product they make at City Garage. Here, Treason has access to everything they need to take an idea from concept through to completion. For them, there’s no better place to build something great than where they grew up, surrounded by other people trying to do the same. “What better place to be than under the same umbrella as people who are going the same direction?” Aaron said.

For Aaron and Jason, it’s about opportunity, something they think Port Covington will help bring to all of Baltimore. The redevelopment will create thousands of jobs, and be a home to all kinds of new businesses.

Port Covington’s revitalization is helping to usher in a change in mindset: “Not only can you have this, but you deserve it – you deserve this,” said Aaron and Jason. They believe cultures evolve because their environments change—and for Treason Toting Company, that change is the beauty of City Garage.

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